About Us

VIVEK has been rendering selfless service for the distressed humanity. To serve the people who have none to look after, to wipe out tears from their helpless eyes and to infuse radiant spirit into their minds to fight for proper justice the humanitarian organisation did not even pause for a while during its long journey.

VIVEK believes that any social reform is based on the level of education pinpointing the aspiration of the people of the society and their elerated thoughts and new concepts. Stress is also being given on offering education to the so-called 'lower classes' to develop their lost individuality.'

VIVEK now takes the initiative towards serving students who aspire to reach the crescendo of success. If we thoroughly observe ,students who look forward to crack the joint entrance examinations are often confused about places to train themselves. The training procedures mostly miss the proper evaluation method.

Through VIVEK EDU. we have created a platform where student can get the opportunity to evaluate themselves through regular online mock tests.The technologically advanced strategy has been framed mainly for students who wish to appear in the upcoming WBJEE.Tests will be taken in the format of the original entrance exam. After the evaluation process gets over, the students will be provided the correct answer papers so that they can point out their mistakes. One can practice as much as he can to reach the level closest to perfection.