Exam Set -II

Biology Set - II

  • Biology is the prime subject for those appearing for Medical Exam along with Physics and Chemistry. As per WBJEE- 2014 there are three categories of questions in Biology. Questions are important for any other exam as well.
  • Category: 1 and Category: 2 has single option correct and for each incorrect answer 33.33% of mark (1/3) will be deducted.
  • Category: 3 In this category, more than one response may be correct and all correct responses shall be awarded two marks each. Any question with the combinations of correct and incorrect responses shall be marked as wrong and zero (0) mark will be awarded question. In addition to these, the partially correct responses, without any incorrect marking shall be awarded marks as per the formula- 2 x (No. of Correct Responses)/(Total No. of correct options).
  • Category: 1 consists of 60 questions, Category: 2 of 15 questions and Category: 3 of 5 questions.
  • Time allotted for Biology is 2 hours.
Category: 1
(1 mark each)
Category: 2
(2 marks each)
Category: 3
(2 marks each)
Total Marks
60 questions
15 questions
5 questions
2 hours
  • As soon as you start exam, timer will start and will end just after 2 hours. You can skip the question if the right answer is not known. Try to answer the right one to avoid negative marking.
  • After completion of exam you will get your result and can review the correct solution.
  • Practice more than once and every time evaluate yourself.
  • Wishing your success.

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