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‘The World is burning in miseries, Can you sleep? Awake! Awake! Great Soul’
Swami Vivekananda’s stirring call delved deep into our hearts and for the last 13 years

VIVEK has been rendering selfless service for the distressed humanity. To serve the people who have none to look after, to wipe out tears from their helpless eyes and to infuse radiant spirit into their minds to fight for proper justice the humanitarian organisation did not even pause for a while during its long journey.

VIVEK keeping unflinching faith in Swamiji’s ideology took the pledge on the day of its meaningful inception that it won’t tolerate any injustice to the people and never deviate from the challenging task of establishing stable peace in the apparently trouble-torn society sans any tension from any corner.

The enthusiastic responses received so far so far from the common people and well-wishers have certainly proved that VIVEK has been genuinely following the way shown by Swami Vivekananda.

Swamiji’s stimulating speech is our guiding force and we won’t stop, till the goal is reached, we gave a positive shape to our organisation VIVEK to bring back into lime light our national glory in the proper perspective and to established anew our deep-rooted philosophy of life.

We are fully aware of the existing erosion in social ethics and efforts are already afoot to strengthen the citadel of the minds of the people so that they can crush fanaticism. Swamiji said that communities should stay, but communalism must be given farewell in every sphere life. We believe people belonging to different religious have the moral rights to speak about freely their beliefs and ideologies and our country maintains a very liberalized policy in this matter. But the integrity of the country should not be disturbed and unity in diversity should be preserved at any cost. VIVEK in it noble mission to present a bright scenario today has very creditably given priority to the task of highlighting the truth. We want people’s total involvement in our mission to keep social unity intact.

VIVEK believes that any social reform is based on the level of education pinpointing the aspiration of the people of the society and their thoughts and new concepts. Stress is also being given on offering education to the so-called ‘lower classes’ to develop their lost individuality.’ We feel one of the striking social maladies is the utter ignorance of most of the people about the truth that something great has to be achieved through united efforts. It has also become a painful trend today that the selfish people with no sympathetic feelings for others are playing pivotal roles in giving new shape to the society. All their motivated personal activities have to be stopped right now. But how VIVEK has found be fitting answer from Swamiji’s life and his stirring speeches.

Mahatma Gandhi once made an appeal to the youths of the country to delve deep into the inspiring calls of Swamiji and he urged them to do some welfare work for the country where he breathed his last. We the members of VIVEK think that Mahatma Gandhi’s ardent appeal has to be given top priority for the real development of the country of the country and the mental elevation of the Countrymen. We must have to realise that we can’t reach our desired goal without establishing unity among ourselves. We have chalked out various plans to bring all people, especially helpless poor people into the main stream of life.




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